Gemstone Cutting Process


A finished gemstone can be no better than the rough from which it was created. Over the last decade of operation, I have developed contacts around the world capable of providing the very best in facet-grade gem rough. As a result, I have an extensive collection of fine rough available for cutting gemstone at any given time. Gem types held in inventory range from the common to the exceptionally-rare.

I sometimes have requests for an up-to-date "catalogue" of available rough. However, due to the extensive and quickly-changing nature of our inventory, it is not practical to provide such a list. The best way to see what we have available is to contact us with the specific gem(s) that interest you, along with size, shape, and any other requirements that you may have.

If I do not have what you're looking for in stock, I will be happy to add you to our "Gemstone Request List" to be notified if/when your desired material becomes available.

At this point in the custom-cutting journey, I have hopefully found a piece of rough that is perfect for the project you have in mind, usually including the shape and sometimes even the specific cut. You will be provided with a firm price and estimated finished size/weight of the completed gemstone cutting process and will have the opportunity to reserve the piece of rough in question for cutting. It is at this time that a non-refundable cutting deposit is made, and the work is officially added to the cutting schedule.

Faceting Design Optimization:

I use a number of tools, from age-old techniques to advanced computer modeling, to optimize designs and ensure the best possible performance of every gemstone he cuts.


This old carpenter's axiom is particularly-fitting for the art of gem cutting as well. Believe it or not, more time can be spent selecting and optimizing a design for a piece of rough, as well as preparing the rough itself, than is spent cutting it. Few things are as critical as proper design selection, and once the cuts are made, there is no going back (at least not without permanent loss of gem material).

I have at my disposal a number of tools to assist with the selection and optimization of faceting designs. Some are as old as the profession itself. I utilize the latest in advanced techniques, which allows me to visualize how particular designs will perform in various gem materials with impressive accuracy.

Throughout my years of cutting, I have accumulated an extensive library of faceting designs spanning decades and numbering into the thousands. Sometimes, however, a unique design is needed (or desired). If that is the case for you, rest-assured that I will have the knowledge and expertise to produce that one-of-a-kind design you've been looking for.

Customers may have as much or as little involvement in selection of faceting designs as they would desire. However, in order to have a gem commissioned, there is no requirement to be able to make this decision. If you can communicate the shape and the look you're after and do not want any further involvement, I can take it from there and make a selection for your that will meet your needs.

When it comes to the cutting itself, I utilize the finest equipment available today. Consistently-superior finished gems start with this foundation. However, execution of the cutting and polishing itself is completely in my hands. I personally cut and polishes each stone that is produce, ensuring consistently-high quality.

After completion of the cutting work, I supply my customers with photographs of the finished gem(s) and provide all the vital information regarding size, weight, and other particulars. It is at this time that arrangements for payment of the balance are made, in preparation for shipment. As discussed here, we offer a number of convenient and secure payment options for our customers, and shipping via the USPS is fast and reliable.


Commissioned gems by me can be found in gem collections and fine jewelry all over the world. I am in this business because I am very passionate about bringing out the very best in every colored gemstone I touch, and I enjoy working with others who are just as passionate.